Howl Baby Howl
Jukebox Baby
Howl Baby Howl
Howl Baby Howl
"There's NO Team in Fuck You"

They're a duo and they're playing raw and primitive rock'n roll.

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Jukebox Baby
  Five releases and a alternate to date. All releases available at Lolita WEBSHOP
  LOL001 Joy L "My Guitar Plays Your Name" (LP + Download)
  LOL002 Lolita Industri "The Sampler" (LP)
  LOL003 Frisk Frugt "Guldtrompeten" (LP + Download)
  LOL004 Brutalis "Brutalis" (LP)
  ALT001 Rumspringa "The Angels Laid Him Away...a Tribute" (LP)
  LOL005 Cosmic Zoom "Soundtracks" (CD)
  LOL006 Rumspringa "III" (CD)
  LOL007 Skammens Vogn "Skammens Vogn" (LP/CD)
  LOL008 Nils Davidsens "Fakirgiraf 'Oe'" (CD)
  smiletsby001 SMILETS BY "THE BAND = THE RECORD" (LP)
  LOL009 Skammens Vogn "Bilerne kører" (LP/CD)
  LOL010 Howl baby howl "There�s NO team in fuck you" (LP)
  LOL012 Jukebox Baby "Mrs. Smith/Darlington" (7'')


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  Lolita Industri Joy L Jukebox Baby
  Borups Allé 33, Jomi Massage SsrecordS
  DK-2200 Copenhagen N
  Denmark Rumspringa
    The Sad Lovers  
  Phone +45 26191918    
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